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Reader Service for The Real Tijuana.
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Map of the San Ysidro Port of Entry, the border we all cross.

Map of Tijuana points of interest.

Blogroll (in English)

At the Edges, observing life in the san diego-tijuana mancha urbana

My Brisas, a blogger based in San Antonio del Mar

¡Turista Libre!, guided urban tours

Stairs to Nowhere, announcements of cultural events

Baja Advisor: the GLBT scene south of the border

Nathan Gibbs, a cross-border digital artist

No Border Wall, opposition to the Triple Fence

Blogrol (en español)

Tijuaneo, a monthly cultural magazine

Notas de Tijuana, cultural commentary

Esquina Tijuana, cultural commentary

Tijuana Eventos, announcements of cultural events

Tijuana Yo, pop cultura

Sistema de Información Cultural, the federal government's cultural portal

Blogroll (bilingual)

El Zonkey Show, cosas del fronterismo that make you go "hmmm"

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